Johnson didn suspect a thing

line worker with solo bag

## ## He goes by the name Nate, and Wednesday, he took on a secret mission.

we doing a surprise bag pipe for the director of Kiwanis Pavilion, Nathaniel Roberts told CHEK News.

Roberts, or Nate, was asked by staff of Kiwanis Pavilion care home to provide a solo concert for Shannon Johnson as a way to thank Johnson for her hard work during the now 45 day quarantine at the facility.

residents need a lot of care and attention so this is a good way to thank her, said Roberts. sharp.

Despite heavy rain, Roberts, a 14 year military veteran who now runs a carpet and upholstery business, marched his way to centre stage (the courtyard adjacent Kiwanis Pavilion).

With COVID 19 bringing Robert small business to a standstill, he happily performed several gigs as his alter ego Nate been cranking out the pipes and playing a few tunes for people, just volunteering services for eldercare facilities, said Roberts.

The serenading bagpipe performance went off without a hitch. A short, yet sweet 10 minute concert. Johnson didn suspect a thing.

was like, do I hear bagpipes? said Johnson.

went great! said Roberts. surprised Shannon, she was utterly shocked. Shannon and her team wore sports jerseys today as another way to help build morale. But for the staff and patients, nothing brings joy quite like the universal language of music.

have one hundred and twenty two residents living here and a lot of them have dementia and so with the music, it doesn matter where we are, everybody stops, smiles and enjoys it, said Johnson.

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